Region I Study Council Regional Curriculum Director Vacancy Posting


Region I Study Council has created a consortium to employ a regional curriculum director. The director will work with all school districts in eastern Tennessee to accomplish five primary tasks. First, the director will help produce a regional curriculum which is aligned to state standards and contains the rigor to help students master essential skills. This curriculum will be supported by the necessary materials and resources to successfully implement the curriculum. Second, the director will help create pacing guides for all core subjects. Third, the director will help create a series of benchmark assessments to ensure students have mastered essential skills. Fourth, the director will help create a data management system which will help district level staff analyze and effectively use state/benchmark data to drive the instructional program. Fifth, the director will maintain constant communication with the Study Council and keep superintendents aware of progress and challenges. The director will be housed at the Niswonger Foundation in Greenville.


Salary range $80,000 - $90,000

Retirement benefits with State of Tennessee

Health Insurance

Contact 260 days

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience as a classroom teacher

Experience as a building-level administrator

Experience in a central office position

Experience with curriculum development

Experience with data analysis

Experience with the Tennessee testing program

Strong technology skills

Strong interpersonal skills

Strong organizational skills

Ability to travel frequently throughout eastern Tennessee

Application Process:

Please submit an one-page letter of interest and current resume to Dr. Nancy Dishner (nancy.dishner@niswongerfoundation.org) by February 28.

COVID-19 School Closure Employee Documentation

Employee Log Sheet (docx)


Staff Expectations (docx)