High School Faculty


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Language Arts

Danita Dodson - English IV Dual, Spanish I & II

Kasey Ferguson - English III, IV, Speech and Communication

Autumn Collins - English II, English IV, Journalism

Sarah Seal - English I,  Creative Writing

Misty Laprade - English I, II & III, Creative Writing  


Dan Beyer - Geometry, Applied Mathematical Concepts

Misty LaPrade - Algebra I

Mark McKinney - Algebra II, Bridge Math, SAILS Math

Brandon Steele - Algebra I

Duane Sunnarborg - Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Bridge Math


Bobby Keaton - Biology I, Environmental Science

Greg Marion - Biology I, Chemistry I, Human Anatomy   

Glenda Nichols - Biology I & II, Physical Science

Social Studies

Nolan Campbell - US History and Geography, World History and Geography, Personal Finance

Evan McCoy - US History and Geography, World History and Geography

Karyn Trent - Economics,  U.S. Government and Civics  

Physical Education

James Gibbs - Physical Education, Lifetime Wellness  

Fine Arts

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Career and Technical

Tommy Belcher - Fundamentals of Construction, Residential Construction I & II, Structural Systems I & II

Delores Collingsworth - Family Studies, Intro to Human Services, Lifespan Development

Jeffrey Ferguson - Maintenance and Light Repair I, II, III & IV 

Nathan Hopkins -  Principles of Manufacturing,  Welding I & II

Steven Howerton - Agriscience, Ag Mechanics I, II, & III, Food Products, Forestry & Soils, Leadership Development, Livestock Management, Wildlife Management 

Rhonda Greene - Health Science Education, Medical Terminology, Medical Therapeutics, Nursing Education  

Distance Learning

Technology-based Intervention

Special Education

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