Guidance News


On March 20, 2018 all Juniors will participate in ACT testing at Hancock County High School.  Attendance and participation are required.  No testing fee will be charged for this test administration.  Also at this time, 9th & 10th graders will take the Pre-ACT. 

ACT Prep Day - TBA.  All Juniors are encouraged to attend.  Lunch will be provided. 

Please see the image above for other test dates.  These tests will be administered at a variety of colleges in our area (LMU, WSCC, Carson Newman, etc.)  The registration fee is approximately $40.00 (without writing) or $57.00 (with writing).  Please visit for more information concerning ACT testing. 

This year, if there is a Senior who would like to re-take the ACT free of charge, they may obtain a voucher from the guidance department.  The date for this test is Tuesday, October 3rd, and will be administered at the High School.  All students must sign up online at